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Main Sevices

We service any size yard and the starting prices are for most average-sized yards up to 4,500 square feet of turf.

Weekly Mowing

  • Starting at $44 per week

Includes mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off the sidewalks every week on your designated mowing day. A regularly mowed lawn helps keep your grass healthy and greener when combined with a consistent watering schedule.

Pro tip: For the best results, your lawn should not be watered the night before or the morning of your designated mowing day.

  • Extra long grass will incur extra charges.


  • Starting at $76

We will use a commercial aeration machine aerator to plug holes in the ground to break up the soil and allow oxygen plus nutrients to get down to the grassroots. We offer both spring and fall aerations, and a few clients even like us to do mid-summer aeration, which we are happy to provide.

  • We offer a double pass on aerations to get twice as many plugs. This would be an add-on starting at $40.


  • Starting at $57 an application

Our fertilizing package consists of 5 applications. We use a variety of fertilizers that are either fully organic or have a mostly organic base that is more eco-friendly and produces excellent results. The fertilizer is spread across your entire yard to help your grass grow greener, thicker, and healthier. In

the spring, we use a pre-emergent to prevent new weeds from starting to grow, then use an iron-rich fertilizer three times during the summer, and in the fall, we use a high-nitrogen winterizer to help feed your lawn throughout the winter. For weed control, we spot-spray the weeds separately to keep the weeds maintained and to be more environmentally cautious. Fertilizing is essential to boost growth and keep your lawn green all season.


Pro tip: We only recommend this package if you water your lawn regularly. Fertilizer needs consistent water to take effect.

  • Starting at $90

Sprinkler service includes turning on your irrigation system and inspecting all zones for leaks and functionality. A correctly set up sprinkler system is essential to ensure your lawn gets the right amount of water and is not wasted. Systems that are larger than eight zones may incur additional charges. (Price is for labor only. Parts and other repair services may require extra costs). *The price listed is the starting price for residential properties.

Sprinkler System Turn On

Sprinkler System Blowouts

  • Starting at $79

In the fall, we blow out all the water in your sprinkler system so it's ready for winter. This is an important service that will avoid damage to your irrigation system. Additional charges will apply for larger systems. *The price listed is the starting price for residential properties

Additional Sevices

Spring Leaf Cleanup

Fall Leaf Cleanup

  • Cleanups are only available for customers who signed up for mowing all summer.​

Newer Services​

Sprinkler System Installation

  • With this service being newer for us and a larger project, we can only get a few done each season.​

Power Raking

  • Must be done while the grass is still dormant (March - Early April)​


  • Spring or Fall

Occasional Side Services:

  • Bush Trimming

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