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What We Strive For

As a company, our main mission is to provide great service at a reasonable price. We strive to treat every customer with a friendly demeanor and to make sure their lawn gets the care and attention it needs to look amazing. We love to hear the appreciation of a satisfied customer and hope to continue to help everyone's lawn stay healthy and beautiful for as long as they are with us. Some of our customers have been using our services for many years and have become a large part of our ever-growing family. As a new customer, we hope that you would feel the same way and that we can help you keep your yard looking great for years to come. 

What We Are About

As we are more of a lawn maintenance company, we are more focused on the upkeep of your lawn's needs. Our main services include weekly mowing, aeration, fertilizing, and sprinkler work. There are a few other services that we also provide for some of our customers such as power raking, fall and spring leaf cleanups, fall and spring gutter cleaning, bush trimming, overseeding, and bed maintenance. We have started doing some larger projects including full sprinkler system installations, as well as installing sod, but since this is a new avenue for us we only plan a few installations each season. Many of our team members have been in the lawn industry for a multitude of years and we can offer you the knowledge and services to get your lawn looking great.


High Plains Lawn Service is a locally owned family business that has been servicing the Denver area since 1987. Patrick Lynch is a Colorado native and the founder of High Plains Lawn Service. He grew up in the Littleton area working in the lawn industry since he was a teenager. After graduating from Fort Lewis College in Durango, he decided to start his very own lawn maintenance company. In the beginning, he started out with a beat-up old truck, some worn down mowing equipment, and the goal to provide quality lawn maintenance at a reasonable price. 

Over the years he has grown his company to provide more services, take better care of his customer's lawn needs, and expand the company's serviceable area. Patrick has always been a very caring and friendly person, and he has always done what he can to make sure his customers get friendly service, a fair price, greener grass, and a better cut. 

Throughout the life of the company Patrick's sons, Dylan and Sean came to work for him, and then eventually his daughter's high school sweetheart (now husband and loving father of two) Mike Fose joined the team. Patrick has owned and operated High Plains Lawn Service with the help of his family and crews for over 30 years, and as he reaches retirement the ownership and future of the company will be passed to his son-in-law Mike.


Mike came to the company with a background in the automotive field and has used his knowledge to keep the equipment running at peak conditions. This ensures that our customers get top-quality equipment servicing their lawns needs. In the 10+ years that Mike has been with the company, he has greatly improved the quality of service and made it his goal to keep expanding the services the company provides to better take care of our customers. Mike will continue to improve the company and make it his goal to maintain a great customer experience.

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